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Bijoour , tout le monde .
Mon pb et que je reçois régulièrement ce mail , , comme je suis une bille en anglais je n'arrive pas a savoir si c'est un virus ou pas. Merci de votre aide.
Le voici:
Dear Sirs,

We are eliminating this email address from our records, specifically the following database:-


Nvidia Corp - Tactical & Strategic ReportDatabase


No personal data (as defined in the relevant national legislation which may apply) is held in respect of any person or persons associated with this email address.

The Data Sets and Data Categories can be confirmed by viewing the indexes in the corporate database(s) in question.


Details of this corporate database on Nvidia Corp can be found on:



This link is CaSE SenSitive


This email [ @@@.@@@ ] address has been monitored in respect of this corporate database on Nvidia Corp.

At some stage during the research and compilation of this database, this email address has been logged.

This email address is now being deleted as part of the periodic cleaning of the database.


Automatic notifications will only continue in jurisdictions where a statutory requirement exists to inform Data Subjects.

In other jurisdictions, if you wish to receive [continue receiving] corporate alerts then you need to register.



Attention: Legal Officer / General Counsel

Legal Department

Nvidia Corp


This communication is being sent to Nvidia Corp as confirmation that no personal data, as defined by the relevant Data Protection legislation,

is held in respect of this particular email address or any connected persons logged during research.


: - - - - - - -



Applicable Corporate Disclosure & Compliance Agreements


Where applicable or mandated, we inform companies of the existence of Corporate Intelligence databases when such databases are supplied to Government or Stock Exchange Regulators,

Credit Rating Agencies or Financial Institutions, Shareholders or Investors, and certain other classes of data holder.


When we supply Corporate Intelligence databases to any of the above categories of purchaser we then inform the target company (Data Subject) within a period of 28 days

of the supply of the database so that the target company is aware of the dissemination of the data. 


This is both to ensure a ‘level playing field’ for the target company, and/or because in certain jurisdictions there is a statutory requirement to inform the Data Subject of the existence and/or dissemination of such data.


Your email address may be listed because such notifications have been requested.

If you wish to continue to receive there notifications then please respond to this email.




Specific Disclosure & Compliance


1)  This email refers to the suppression of the recipient’s email address. This email address was captured in the course of research,

or because a user of the email address has requested to receive and/or be kept informed of certain information,

or because a user of the email address has been in some transactional or relationship correspondence.


2)  If the user of this email address wishes to continue to receive Disclosure or Compliance information regarding the corporate database in question then it will be necessary to specifically request that.


3)  By not requesting further information the user of this email address acknowledges that this absolves the data holders from any commitment or obligation to keep the user of this email address

informed about any matters in respect of the corporate database in question.


The Compliance or Support email address shown in this communication should be used if you wish to continue to be kept informed of the specific corporate database in question.


It will be noticed that the Compliance or Support email address has to be manually input (i.e. it is not clickable) and this is done to prevent unintentional replies which would inadvertently capture the email address anew.


4)  This is a No Reply email to prevent unintentional replies which would then capture the email address anew.



There is no Unsubscribe link because this email informs the user that the email address in question is being suppressed on the particular corporate database in question.


The email address may appear in other corporate databases (for the reasons outlined above) and it is possible that a similar procedure will occur when the email address is suppressed from that/those database/s.




This email is not an advertisement or marketing message under the terms of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

We do not trade on a retail basis, and you cannot purchase any goods or services from us.




Inter alia, the purpose of this email is to confirm that no Identifiable Personal Data is held on any Natural Person using the email address in question.

The databases in question are purely corporate database which cover trading entities, companies, institutions, and organisations.

Identifiable Personal Data is programmatically disassociated with email addresses and any Identifiable Personal Data is eliminated before it can enter the database.




Yours truly,


ComplianceSWF Investments

compliance -[@]- swfinvestments.net


Dated: As Email Heading

Ref: 214314-5711-2447


Nvidia Corp - Tactical & Strategic Report



This is a compliance communication sent to advise the data subject,  Nvidia Corp, of the existence of a database on the data subject. 

No reply or acknowledgement is necessary.


SWF Investments Compliance

The information contained in this e-mail message is privileged and/or confidential and is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible to deliver it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately notify us by email and destroy the original message. Thank you.

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